We are a full service financial filing and printing agent, providing prompt and efficient EDGAR document conversion (EDGARizing) for public companies.

Proxy Services


Whether you have a shareholders’ meeting or an informational mailing we are here to help you navigate the process and deliver materials to your shareholders in an accurate and timely manner.

I would like to say that Virtual Piggy, Inc. has worked with Island Stock Transfer over the last 4 years. Island Stock Transfer has provided superb services from day one.


Virtual Piggy, Inc. was a newly formed public company. Island Stock Transfer and their staff were very supportive and understanding to all of our needs.


One of the best things about working with Island Stock Transfer has been working with the same people during that time. It is important to work with the people that are familiar with your account.


We here at Virtual Piggy, Inc. Can say that we made the right choice when we decided to make Island Stock Transfer our transfer agent.


We highly recommend Island Stock Transfer.


Ernie Cimadamore

Corporate Secretary/ Board Member

Virtual Piggy, Inc.


Why US?

A full service transfer agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is a participant of the DWAC-FAST system with DTCC.

Island boasts an innovative paperless processing system for the entire scope of its operations. This allows us to give you the very best of what a transfer agent can offer, and then some.


Call today to talk with one of our Stock Transfer Specialists to see how we can enhance your shareholder communications through our One-Stop Stock Transfer Services Division.


Island Stock Transfer has the most experienced, pleasant and courteous staff.  our requests have always been handled in a professional and timely manner.


Yohan Naraine, Shareholder

Apollo Capital Corp. 


We have been using Island Stock Transfer for the past year and I find them to be very helpful and trustworthy. Even if we are late in getting the information to Abby, they somehow mange to get everything filed and Edgarized on time. They do a great job and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.


Lori Winther

Vapor Hub