Employee Stock Option Plan Administration

Stock options are a powerful tool for attracting, retaining, and rewarding the people who make your business work. If you offer an incentive or non-qualified stock option plan, Island Stock Transfer can provide your company with full service stock option outsourcing, including customized reporting, individual optionee statements, and the ability to interface with your Employees and Broker, as well as Payroll and Human Resources Departments to facilitate your reporting requirements. 


Making the Pride of Ownership Easier


Island Stock Transfer can handle all the details of your Employee Stock

Option Plan (“ESOP”), Option Exercises and Reporting requirements.

Our Sophisticated Stock Option Plan Administration is managed by providing a proprietary system specifically designed to manage ESOP transactions. You simply send us employee, option grant and payroll deduction data and upon exercise we’ll promptly arrange for the purchase all shares and allocate them to individual accounts, crediting full and fractional shares as well as handling the delivery and transfer of physical securities to and from your transfer agent and the selling broker.

Utilizing our Broker Relationships and real time communications network we can offer simultaneous exercise and sale of options program, which simplifies the entire option exercise process.

There’s no need for your optionees to deal with a third party to obtain a loan to fund option costs, or for you to deposit optionees’ checks and wait for them to clear. Island Stock Transfer will manage the exercise of the option, certificate delivery, and arrange for the wiring of the option exercise proceeds and employee withholding taxes to you.

We offer full service stock option administration—from calculation and issuance of grants to the exercise of the option including the following:

  • All classes of options, incentive and non-qualified

  • Multiple vesting schedules

  • Complete optionee record keeping

  • Real time customer care and support

  • Day-to-day contact with a relationship manager who is a specialist in equity-based compensation plans

  • Immediate access to all records and trade activities

  • Step-by-step implementation with an implementation manager working closely with the company's plan administrator

  • Customized management and activity reports

  • Tax information and reporting

  • Automated money and share movement eliminating labor intensive manual systems, delays in settling transactions, and the movement of shares into employees accounts

  • The benefits of real-time, full service financial advice via Island Stock Transfer’s Stock Option Manger proprietary software featuring automated record keeping, key reports, data analysis, monthly transaction handling, assistance for individuals with form 4 and 144 filings and regular reports on the plan's status.

The Island Stock Transfer team will walk your company through every step of the complex process of setting up an employee stock option plan, from collection and verification of employee data, to the exercise and settlement of stock option sale transactions.

Call today to talk with one of our Stock Option Plan specialists to see how we can make your ESOP plan a trouble free and profitable part of your compensation program.